All in The Deep


What makes your heart happy? It’s a simple question that has many different answers.  It’s a personal question that only you the individual truly knows.  Heidi wants you to share that answer, to live that answer.  To Heidi doing what makes you happy is not just a question you should ask yourself every day, it is a question to be lived every day.  Because to quote her, “Life is short, live it with a happy heart."


Mother’s Day for me is about gratitude. It is a day of honoring the women who brought us into this world, raised us, and loved us. I will honor my own mother that day, but here, I’d like to honor another special mother in my life, my sister-in-law, Nicole. She is the mother to three of the most beautiful souls.


Lindsay has what I call major cool girl vibes…sorry I mean cool ass woman vibes. She is a professional surfer, kinesiology instructor, world traveler and an overall health enthusiast. She has such a warmth, and kindness. She chases laughter, connection, and fun. How could you not want to hang out with her always?


Mama-hood surrounds me. It seems new life is on the brains of all my lady friends. I will tell you, it has brought change all around, the best kind of change, and it has been beautiful to watch.