All in The Skin


I am not the biggest fan of glitter, especially glitter makeup. I don't know particularly why. Maybe it's too  girly for my taste. But my first reaction usually is to not use it. I find it messy, difficult to clean up and it seems to never leave the body. You'll find it months later in your hair or on the back of your leg. How does it get there?? 

Holiday Reds

It’s that time of year again, the wondrous, joyous time of the year when I go broke. JUST KIDDING (but really)…anyways I love the holidays. Everything is cozy, familiar plus everything smells so good...

Happy Thanksgiving

They (Oprah) say a gratitude practice can change your life in the most positive of ways. With side effects of positive emotions, more joy, happiness, better sleep, compassion, kindness and stronger immune systems. I mean, "Hi, I want that"...

White Liner

Oh, white eyeliner, how I love thee. I fell in love with white eyeliner in my early 20s while watching a certain trendsetting character wear it and look just so dang good with it. During that time (for me), Carrie Bradshaw could do no wrong. If I couldn’t be her, I could at least steal some tips from her.

Edit: Changing Season

The seasons seem to be changing. I am listening to it rain when a mere week ago I was sweating, cursing the eternal summer but that is southern California for you. People say there are no seasons here but I think there are. You can feel it. I know when the air begins to turn for us because we’re in it now. Sometimes change is subtle. Sometimes you just have trust that you’ll know when it’s time for change, like now.