Alive in New Mexico

I took a trip at the end of September/beginning of October to New Mexico with my sister. Road tripping out to the southwest is something I have wanted to do for a while. For over a year it has been steadily streaming through my brain, “get to New Mexico”. I don’t know where this started or why but the seed was implanted. That seed had another little seed inside it and it said “get to New Mexico and see Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio in Abiquiu.”

Beauty Moment: Lena

Today Lena shares her love of yoga...

After I quit dancing (ballet), I kind of had nothing. I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go. I didn’t go to college. I just got into yoga because I was so familiar with body movement...


Tracey is a wife, sister, daughter, friend, model, and in the last year she has been Mom to Kirra and Greyson, her twins. I asked her to share her story of motherhood on this very special day of celebrating all the beautiful things our mothers do and are.

Currently Obsessed: Facial Oils

I am currently obsessed with FACIAL OILS. Actually I’ve been obsessed for some time now, but over the holidays I got these babies from Herbivore Botanicals and have fallen more in love.

If you are like me and you’ve struggled with acne, you probably had or have a strong aversion to oil-anything being put on your face. I lived an “oil free” product life throughout my 20s...

Edit: Mother Nurture

In the time since the new year began I made a conscious choice not to give myself any resolutions (over it/eye roll).  I didn’t want to wrap myself in unrealistic expectations or just start another new year with ways I can change or do things. It’s a recipe for "not good enough." This year I decided everything is enough as is. I really tried to start the year off listening to what I truly needed. What I needed was to start the year off with what, myself, and I exactly as I am right now.


I am not the biggest fan of glitter, especially glitter makeup. I don't know particularly why. Maybe it's too  girly for my taste. But my first reaction usually is to not use it. I find it messy, difficult to clean up and it seems to never leave the body. You'll find it months later in your hair or on the back of your leg. How does it get there?? 

Holiday Reds

It’s that time of year again, the wondrous, joyous time of the year when I go broke. JUST KIDDING (but really)…anyways I love the holidays. Everything is cozy, familiar plus everything smells so good...