Connection and  beauty as far as I am concerned; go hand in hand as things I love most in this world. I love making women feel beautiful and love getting to know who they are. I often when talking with someone will start to picture how I would do their makeup to mirror what they say about themselves as a way of bringing their inner beauty to the surface. To me beauty is about the deepest parts, of who we authentically are, and that makeup, hair all that is a fun tool to express that.

Having interesting conversations with women and making them feel beautiful is what I care about. I want us, as women to feel great as we are without our makeup and great as we are with our makeup. I want women to know they’re self-worth, have self esteem and not struggle for both the way that I have. But struggle we do and here I want you to feel less alone.

I want to fearlessly talk about vulnerability as much I as I want to talk about a red lipstick. I want to laugh, cry, over-share, get it wrong, get it right, try and try and try again. I want to share what I know as Makeup Artist, sometimes hair doer because I believe it’s easy to look beautiful. I want to make it as simple as possible. I will also, share my thoughts on life, spirituality but mostly I am here for the deep meaningful conversations. I believe we get everything from sharing our stories and speaking our truth whatever that may be. That is what Being Skin Deep is about you, me, the journey we all take to feel beautiful and whole. Welcome.

Real beauty is not skin deep; it is about being deeper than the skin.

xo Janelle

Janelle has been beauty obsessed since a very young age. Makeup has always been her first love, but she has had on-going love affairs with all things fashion and tresses. Janelle has been a working makeup artist for the better part of a decade and fell in love with the online world while interning with Who What Wear many years ago. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with her focus in painting and is certified by M.G. Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts. She also is a self-help junkie and wants to help spread the message that inner beauty is outer beauty. Loving ourselves is the most beautiful act we can do. Her goal has (and always will be) about making women feel like their most beautiful selves. Nothing makes her happier than that…except maybe an almond milk latte and re-runs of Fraiser.