Being Skin Deep is devoted to women and their most beautiful selves; her thoughts, her opinion and her expression of self. What makes women beautiful is not their outward appearance, it is what lies within us first and works its way out.

Here we celebrate that in all its forms: in our stories, the products we use, the lives we live, and the many other facets that makes a woman unique. Here we celebrate the frivolous as well as the deepest parts of what being a beautiful woman means.

Real beauty is not skin deep; it is about being deeper than the skin.

Being Skin Deep is based out Orange County, CA

Janelle Walker - Founder & Writer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist and Stylist

Janelle has been beauty obsessed since a very young age. Makeup has always been her first love, but she has had on-going love affairs with all things fashion and tresses. Janelle has been a working makeup artist for the better part of a decade and fell in love with the online world while interning with Who What Wear many years ago. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with her focus in painting and is certified by M.G. Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts. She also is a self-help junkie and wants to help spread the message that inner beauty is outer beauty. Loving ourselves is the most beautiful act we can do. Her goal has (and always will be) about making women feel like their most beautiful selves. Nothing makes her happier than that…except maybe an almond milk latte and re-runs of Fraiser.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is a multi-faceted/dimensional, all encompassing word to describe the expression of the authentic self. We are our most beautiful when we are ourselves. It’s about who you are and sharing that with the world. Beauty is about knowing you are enough right now, and with that confidence (and a little red lipstick) you can change the world (or at least your night).

Mary Claire Roman - Photographer

Mary Claire Roman is a California-raised photographer of humans, with a deep passion for travel, animals, and golden light. Since first picking up a camera at the age of 16, Mary Claire has set out to capture real, authentic, and unique moments. As a visual journalist, Mary Claire believes that it is her responsibility to celebrate the details. She aims to portray not only life's most grandiose, anticipated moments, but also the in-between. Our stories are made up of a conglomeration of details; in order to see the big picture, we must first break it down. Beauty can be found in any situation; sometimes, you just need to choose to see it. Mary Claire is inspired by her friends, laughter, and winter sunsets. Also, she's always down for a good cup of coffee.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is rooted in three things: awareness, passion, and love. Beauty is first and foremost a choice: a sensory observation of the world around you will always reveal beauty, no matter how great or small. Passion is beauty, and where love leads, beauty will follow. 

Kristen Fogle - Editor

Kristen Fogle used to interview celebrities like T-Swift and the Kardashians for magazines, but currently she is the Executive Director of San Diego Writers, Ink, a writing center. Active in her local theater scene, she also directs, signs, reviews, and acts. She aspires to own a '69 VW Karmann Ghia and later, somehow make a career out of owning several large, fluffy dogs. 

What does beauty mean to you? 

The beautiful comes from a rich tapestry of experiences one acquires over time, who one becomes from them. The MOST beautiful take their experiences and talents and create because of (or in spite of) these experiences. But they don't stop there; these are the people go on to inspire others to be their best (most beautiful) version of self. 

...And like, really, really pretty eyeliner. That s*** done right can look beautiful.

Jilian Harvey- Resident Model

Jilian is a creative at heart, with a love for fashion, beauty, and botany. She met Mary Claire when she had her senior portraits taken by her in high school. Before that, she hadn't spent much time in front of a camera (besides the hours spent trying to take the perfect MySpace pic in Photobooth). The photographer and model instantly clicked and found that their creative talents complimented one another's, urging each other to practice different perspectives. Jilian strives to be simple and appreciate life in all circumstances by choosing to look for beauty everywhere.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is about being on your own team. It's letting go of jealousy and feeling empowered by your own uniqueness and human ability. It is choosing how you want to look, whether to go Hollywood glam or a fresh-faced, top-knot. It is the realization that you can move your life in any direction you want. Beauty is also the rare occasion when your bra matches your panties, duh.