So grunge is back!  This makes me very, very happy for many reasons that involve the fact that I love plaid. The other reason is that as a child of the nineties I was slightly too young to enjoy the full effect of torn t-shirts, Doc Martens and yes, plaid.  My Mom refused to purchase Doc Martin boots for moi because I was 12 years old, they were pricey for a 12 year old and I think she found them too strong for a pre-teen girl.  This memory clearly still holds though many, many years later(but I get it Mom). I still dream of those orginial floral boots...During that time I did not have the choice/options over how I got to dress. Now I do and I can enjoy this moment in all it's glory.  Kristen McNenamy's editorial for Zoo Magazine in all Saint Laurent by Hedi Silmane exactly sets the mood and makes my pre-teen heart skip a beat for fall.


Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue

Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2014

the girls have style

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