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Christian Dior's last two runway shows Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear and most recently Resort 2014 has captured my beauty attention.  Let's start with silver lid. Now I have, during the early(ish) 2000s, very much used the the sparkle shadow and used it often(thank you Britney).  Then it was more about white shimmer than say a silver which has a bit of grey to it.  I had sworn off of said silver as it became dated, over done and I vowed NEVER AGAIN! Well, I should have known better than to say such things as I am back on the sparkle, shimmer, metallic stuff once again. HOW COULD I NOT?! I can't help it! It is so pretty! look at those lovely images.  Thanks to Christian Dior's use of it during the Fall RTW show, I had been pondering about it and how in a more silver form, less white, it is very eye catching, yet I found it subtle.  I am big fan of silver used as liner and also as a soft shadow from lid to eyebrow.  The contrast then with the pink lip makes it such a powerful look.  Both pinks are blue based which is why it compliments with the silver so well which is very cool together.  The lip variation from both shows is an added trend with the center stained pink from Fall RTW and the more structured lined lip from Resort.  I also greatly enjoy that the beauty theme continued between the both shows showing how they can work the trend with each season.

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