Ashley (Happy Birthday!)

Ashley (Happy Birthday!)

Today I introduce a new feature to Skin Deep.  I am going to start featuring real people, with real passion, real beauty where I will do lots of fun makeup, fun hair and just a whole lot of well fun.  My hope is that it will be helpful, beautiful and inspiring.  Lets get started with my favorite person, my younger sister.

Meet my yogi savant, raw food enthusiast and wildly fearless younger sister, Ashley Walker.  She has and always will be my first model.  When you have beauty/makeup obsessor as an older sister you tend to be the guinea pig. She (lucky for me) has never said no.  This little lady turns 28 today, yes today!  She has a deep love for hot yoga which she turned into teaching.  She is passionate about nutrition and the power it has to heal the body.  She has inspired me with both, two life changers: hot yoga and the Glowing Green Smoothie.  She is smart as a whip, with a big heart and is as beautiful as can be.  She is honest, direct and lives her life the way she wants to and does it with so much grace.  She is a woman to know and I am so happy that I do.  

Skin Deep: Describe yourself in 3 words?

Ashley: Passionate, dedicated, genuine

SD: What beauty product or routine can you not live without?

A: Coconut Oil. I use it as lotion, I do oil pulling with it and I eat it!

SD: The best beauty advice you've ever received?

A: Beauty starts with the food you put in your body.

SD:  What does beauty mean to you?

A: Confidence. It's all about the way you present yourself.


Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, Urban Decay Naked2(Chopper), Giorgio Armani lipstick #300, Mac brow pencil Strut/eyeshadow Cork, Mac lipstick Touch


Photos by Janelle Walker


Chloe in the Spring

Ashley (Happy birthday!)

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