I would like to introduce the lovely Hayley Schwied.  She is an artist on all levels.  She took her passion for painting, art, and turned it into a career as a Tattoo Artist.  This woman oozes creativity.  She loves playing with her look, is always up to try new things and just goes for it, which is my favorite kind of woman.  She has this tough girl exterior but has such a gentle way about her and truly is one of the most beautiful souls.  I mean look into those eyes! She is so wonderful and loving to be around. I adore her to say the least.  

Hayley is a Tattoo Artist at Living Art Gallery in San Clemente, CA.  

Skin Deep: Describe yourself in 3 words?

Hayley: Independent, Stubborn, Creative

SD: What beauty product or routine can you not live without?

HS: So many things!!!!! I can't live without showering! I love my showers.  But the beauty product I cant live without would have to be mascara, basically any kind of eye makeup.  

SD: What do you find beautiful about tattoos?

HS:  I love the fact that with tattoos you can decorate your body however you want.  Painting was my first love and I find my body as a canvas, so tattoos are my paint. 

SD:  What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

HS:  MORE IS ALWAYS MORE AND I LOVE EXCESS!!! Over the top is better then boring. 

SD: What made you want to be a tattoo artist?

HS: Every since i was young I have always been attracted to tattoos.  I have always saw it as an art form.  After graduating art school I wanted to make money with my art, and what better way then with tattooing it on people that pay for it! 

SD:  What inspires you the most?

HS: Any type of art is my inspiration, whether it is painting, drawing, dancing, music, films, nature, etc.  But the human body is a HUGE inspiration to me as well, especially faces. I have been drawing it for over 10 years and find it absolutely beautiful and amazing.  I was told if you can master drawing the human body, you can draw anything.

SD: What does beauty mean to you?

HS: Beauty to me means never having to apologize for being yourself and expressing yourself however you want. Totally cliche, but just be yourself.  


Mac Strobe Cream, Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in Sin, Smashbox O Gloss, Mac Lipstick Violetta

Photos by Mary Claire Photography

Makeup & Styling by Janelle Walker


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