Beauty Edit: The New Year (Part Two)

Beauty Edit: The New Year (Part Two)

Another year has past. We made it. Congrats everyone. I know it's felt like a feat of will to have lasted the year that was 2016. I don’t know about all of you but the climate of words, the mood of the year felt like dread with a whole lot of gratitude for it’s end.

I know this has a lot to do with the election, the loss of great artists, Aleppo and a divide that seems to be holding us hostage in our country. It’s felt just shitty. Everyone has been talking about how they feel shitty which has felt even more shitty.  I get it, let’s blame 2016 as if it were some collective force of shit we can now flush down the toilet and start anew! 

I don’t know if it really works like that as time never stops but continues. Which would make 2016 what it was, another year. That is how I want to look at it. It was just another year of life that I am continuing to live. AND come on it was filled with some good stuff right? I mean a WOMAN ran for the Presidency regardless of anything that made me feel empowered, happy to be alive during this time of life. THE FUTURE IS FEMALE has never felt so real. It is a beautiful time even if it is difficult and damn if I can’t feel gratitude for being able to be apart of such a time. 

I’ve also seen, heard, read so much about the minimalism movement, about how living with less creates such joy and freedom. How can I live better with less? I’ve talked with my friends about it. I watched the Netflix documentary, it has struck a cord and I am into it. In the final days of 2016 I discarded a large majority of my belongings. So much so that it gave me a bit of anxiety after which made me realize even more how much I needed to purge, to let go. I’m always trying to let go more, create more freedom in my life. Figure out a way to give myself space and clarity. Maybe we need more of that in 2017. 

I think we all want a collective break from the constant negativity, the horrifying images, the incessant call to see all things at once, and the angry words on Facebook. I know I do. I want less of all of it in 2017. Don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for the ability to even declare I want less when so much suffering is happening. Being able to be thoughtful about my life is a luxury I do my best to aware of it. 

Here is my wish for the coming year may I embark on the real meaning of doing more with less, being as present as possible because the future is the present and vice versa. Sharing as many beautiful stories of beautiful woman as I can. Continue to debate what beauty really means. May I be thoughtful and generous when I can with what I have. Most importantly reminding myself to practice gratitude for the challenges that will come because they will come but so will the joy.

Happy New Year!

xo Janelle 

 And Stranger Things Season 2!! I mean 2016 brought us that beautiful gift lets not forget.

AND how gorgeous are these photos shot by Mary Claire on film with our muse Jilian. Heart eyes always.

 photos Mary Claire Roman

model Jilian Harvey

makeup, hair Janelle Walker



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