I am not the biggest fan of glitter, especially glitter makeup. I don't know particularly why. Maybe it's too  girly for my taste. But my first reaction usually is to not use it. I find it messy, difficult to clean up and it seems to never leave the body. You'll find it months later in your hair or on the back of your leg. How does it get there?? 

This season though I've been into it. It's found it's way into my heart the way it sometimes does this time of year. I just want to sparkle; eyes, nails, ALL OF IT. I love the classic red for holidays but I found myself pulling out the glitter, wanting to just throw it all over my face and wondering if it would be appropriate for Christmas Eve service. I also, bought glitter wrapping paper, not caring (lying) that it got all over my rug. I found myself in pep talks (with myself) about accepting that it is mess and doing it anyways. It is fun and beautiful, why not? Why would I not do something just because it can be a bit messy? It's kind of the way I feel about the end of the year.

 Life is so messy and imperfect. I usually do a scan of what life has been like for the last 365 days and think well that could of been better, that was awesome, that was whatever and so on and so on. Then I think about the year ahead creating some grandiose plan about how I will be perfect, do everything I want to do and be just a really awesome perfect person. Which ends in some sort of 2016 will be the BEST year ever thought. It's a lovely seductive thought but lets be real. 

If I am lucky it'll be somewhere in the middle of everything I want to accomplish and I stay the same. I've realized in 2015 that real beauty is in the enough. Once enough because just that, enough, you realize you can let go a bit. Have the freedom to get messy, try new things and love the same things. You can wear glitter because it makes you feel beautiful not becomes you're afraid of the mess. Do not be afraid of the mess. Be afraid of not trying. It's all about being brave to do the things that you want to do. When you are doing that, when it's a really good mess the clean up isn't so bad.

Here's to the wonderful year that has past and to new possibilities of new one.

Happy New Year! 

My New Year resolution is all about self love aka not going on a diet. What's yours?


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, MAC Glitter Transparent Blue, MAC Glitter Reflects Gold,

Oribe Texturizing Spray


photos Mary Claire Roman

model Mia McKown

makeup, hair, styling Janelle Walker

Edit: Mother Nurture

Edit: Mother Nurture

Edit: Merry Christmas From Disneyland

Edit: Merry Christmas From Disneyland

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