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Laguna Niguel, CA


Kate the Great

Janelle Walker

Vogue Italia, January 2015

model: kate moss 

photographer: peter lindbergh

stylist: clare richardson

hair: odile gilbert 

make-up: stéphane marais

manicure: magali buisson

via Visual Optimism

Merry Christmas

Janelle Walker

I just finished watching a movie I adore called About Time.  There is this line in the beginning of the movie where the lead character is explaining about his life with his family. He says “all in all it was a pretty good childhood full of repeated rhythms, pattern”.   Those 2 words, repeated rhythms leap at me, yelled out in a way I understood. To me that is Christmas, the spirit of the season, my family, our traditions, a time of repeated rhythms

There are core things that I love so much about what my family does on Christmas. Things nestled in my heart from years of rhythms that have repeated and created a home for such wonderful memories.  Things I am so grateful to have.  It’s given a familiar Christmas over the years one that I look forward to repeating every year.  I know what our day will look like together.  It’s a warmth and comfort I would not trade for anything.  It’s our rhythm, it’s how we celebrate Christmas. 

I understand that as we continue to grow and our once 5 person family is now 9, the rhythm changes, as it has.  The rhythm may change but the essence of that original rhythm is always there. It’s what makes Christmas so magical and beautiful for me.  It’s about love, it’s about family, my time with my family.  I love all the frills that come with Christmas as well the smell of the tree, the lights, decorations, the celebrating, even the cards but the best thing is and always will be, the thing I know for certain, the thing I can always count on;  I will be with my family.  I will be with people that I love and that love me back.  They are there, continuing to create our repeated rhythm, that brings me so much joy. That brings me Christmas. 

May your heart be full of love today.  I hope you put on some red lipstick and stare at the lights like my beautiful sister, Ashley.

Merry Christmas.


RMS Uncover up, Mac blush in Blushbaby, MAC Soft & Gentle, MAC Eyeshadow in Handwritten, MAC lipstick Ruby woo mixed with Tarte lip tint in Spirited

Photos by Mary Claire Roman

Makeup, Hair & Styling Janelle Walker

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