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Laguna Niguel, CA


Be Bold

Janelle Walker

When I worked for MAC cosmetics years ago one of the first things I caught onto was the way older woman love orange lipstick. I mean they looove it.  To the point that if a woman over 70 came up to the counter I would have the color for them before they even asked me to get it (in case you’re wondering that color is Morange).  This fascinated me at the time because I found it such a bold choice.  I also, at the time, had been all about the eyes, devoted to drama of eyeliner and its powers to transform.

I look back on this fondly because I am now deeply devoted to lipstick, the brighter, the more colorful, the better, like you see on Jil here.  I understand that lipstick can transform you in the way a little eyeliner can.  It’s what those ladies knew, that being a woman means you get to be bold and being bold is always beautiful.

Julie Hewett Noir Collection in Coco, MAC lip liner Cherry, Urban Decay eyeshadow Pistol, MAC eyeshadow Texture, Sephora Nano eyeliner Gri Gri


photos Mary Claire Roman

makeup, hair & styling Janelle Walker


Janelle Walker

I have been blessed in this life with female friendships.  Bonds so strong they have made me a better woman and given me a fuller life.  I believe women lift women.  I’ve never understood it in any other way and I don’t want to further the conversation in any other way than that.  I find it such a gift to be a woman and even greater gift to have amazing women in my life, friendships that I could never do without.   Let’s meet one of these women.

This lovely woman is the kind of person everyone loves to be around. Charismatic, deliriously funny, you can’t be around her without laughing or smiling.  She finds humor in everything.  It is her gift to all that know her.  She is beloved in a way I don’t think she truly notices.  The way people love her, are drawn to her, she is talked about with such admiration.

I envy her confidence, her sense of self and how it gives her the ability to be so bold.  She is unafraid in a way that I am constantly learning from, trying to find within myself.  She is the kind of friend you tell your fears and mistakes to, truly feeling safe and loved for doing so.  It feels special to be loved by her because she loves with all her heart, a fierce love that she will do anything for. 

She spent much of her younger years dancing, acting and becoming the talented performer she is.  She is sharp, intelligent and has the greatest way with words.   She is a writer.  She has a hilarious blog that we all (her friends) wait around for her to post on (she is rare poster). 

She and I talk often about what’s in our hearts, our fears, what we think will make us better women, how to be as authentic as possible.  She is the best kind of friend. However, if she has planned a day devoted to Netflix*, you do not exist, she is off limits to you and please don’t interrupt. This is her only real rule which I of course, respect.  Most of all, it is her beautiful heart that has I and others hooked.  It is who she is (Netflix days and all).

I enjoy the belief of fate and destiny.  I like to think we’re being lead, given signs and clues that lead us toward choices that will be good for us (even when difficult), that elevate us, make us better people.  There is a kind of magic in life weaving us together to learn and grow from each other, to love each other, giving us people like this woman.  Her friendship for me can only be explained as a result of that exact fate, that the universe knew before we did.  We were always meant to be friends.

 She is one of a kind. This is Tanya.


*Deep lover of movies and television she takes it all very seriously which means she’s seen everything.  Which also means she will always have something great to recommend based on the things you like and are interested in.  Especially if those interests include musicals, Barbara Streisand and weird documentaries no wants to watch.


MAC Face & Body Tint, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, MAC eyeshadow Carbon, MAC eye kohl Smolder, MAC lip erase, MAC blush Tenderling, Enjoy Creamy Pomade, Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray

photos by Mary Claire Roman

makeup, hair & styling Janelle Walker

The Look

Janelle Walker

There is nothing I love more than taking a beautiful luxury piece of clothing, making it casual and every day wearable.  I know this is horrifying for some and maybe it's my southern california nature but I love it.  I love when a look is sophisticated, easy and full of style.  This outfit on Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now was from a few months back and I am still obsessed with it.  It is the epitome of what I want to be wearing right now, all the time. The perfect outfit for the holidays.....if you live in Southern California.


photos from Fashion Me Now

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