Currently Obsessed: Penn + Olive

Currently Obsessed: Penn + Olive

If you know me than you know the way I love my sister. She is the best person ever. She is strong, confident and damn she is smart. She for most her adult years has been a passionate seeker of health the holistic, natural way. She’s tried it all, even gave up washing her hair six months in an effort to see if her hair would balance it’s natural oils and end up with shiny healthy hair, that other naturalist claim happen. She ended up washing her hair but her love for natural remedies in beauty and self-care have continued.

When she got into essential oils, she fell deeply in love with the effects it was having on her life. She found she had a knack for creating her own blends that created powerful benefits. She of course would disperse them to us, her family to try and we started to see the amazing benefits they had as well. From that passion and results, she created her own essential oils line, Penn + Olive.

Penn + Olive is about making essential oils simple and easy to use, which I am all about. Since she created her line I’ve become almost dependent on them. There is not a day that goes by that I am not rolling her blends on my body. And have I noticed a difference? YES, I am dependent now remember. I am not just saying this because she’s my sister; I am saying it because these are wonderful.

I’ve never tried any of her oil remedies where I did not notice a difference, in my mood, skin, overall well being. They are powerful. Her blends are smart, beautiful and once you start using them you can’t stop. She has nine signature blends, as well as a facial oil, room sprays, & a bathroom spray (the best). Below are my every days, my ride or dies.

 Essential Oil Products:

Roots blend: I love the way this smells so much. It’s woodsy and so unbelievably grounding. For someone like me who is all feelings this helps me feel planted on the earth. It helps me to feel centered within myself. I put this on my wrist, behind my ears, neck, under my nose to breathe in deeply. My sis says to place it anywhere thin skinned to help it soak into the body.

Love blend: I wish I could hug this one. It is exactly what you’d think lovely. I sometimes put this on my heart with the intention of trying to put out as much love as I can and receive as much love as I can. Wearing love always puts me in a better mood. Helps me feel joyful and relaxed. I pair Roots and Love together and wear as perfume. They work so wonderfully together.

Immunity blend: I rub this on the bottoms of my feet and massage it in. It is a lovely treat at night or in the morning. It also does what it says. I’ve been cold free since November. Okay I got a baby cold in December that was gone in three days, which impressed me. I also, had continued energy while I fought it. Everyone needs this.

Face Oil: This facial oil is hydrating beyond belief. It gives a beautiful, silky feeling to the skin, which during these dry winter months is a luxury beyond belief. I always notice a light tingle to the skin when applied that feels so lovely. It makes my skin feel plumped, well nourished and most importantly well rested. 

Calm blend: I rub this on my third eye (middle forehead between the eyes), behind my ears and every else. It is too good! Every time I have a headache I put this on and it goes away. Swear. Anytime, I start to feel stressed or over stimulated I use this. It gently brings me back to calm.

Sleep blend: I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS. I put this under my nose to inhale deeply and have it in the spray too, that I use on my pillow which immediately makes me face plant into my bed asleep. I use this every night. It’s basically become my version of a blanky.

Relief blend: Welcome to a miracle in a bottle. If you have a cut or a burn or inflammation of any kind put a little of this on and it’ll change the pain to immediate healing and you guessed it, relief. I don’t understand how but I don’t care. I had a cut on my shoulder that was really bothering, that was uncomfortable, I put this on and in the morning it was basically gone. Our Dad the uber skeptic of everything has arthritis in his hand and was inflamed around his knuckles. He put this on and the next day was singing its praise. It helped heal the inflammation  quickly. It's a staple for someone who burns their hand on an oven frequently...

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No Makeup Mondays: One

No Makeup Mondays: One



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