Tutorial: Three Looks One Palette

Tutorial: Three Looks One Palette

Today I thought I’d show you how to wear some color with this beautiful palette I bought from Lisa Says Gah. It is a collabrative palette from Make Cosmetics x Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

I’ve been fan of both brands for some time now. I think Make makes wonderfully interesting products that are unique, easy to use and add a bit of life to the cosmetic world. Maryam Nassir Zadeh makes the most beautiful chic shoes that Zara budget wont allow me to have. So, the palette will do in the mean time.

I like makeup to be natural but also fun, playful and interesting. I know that playing with color is sometimes a daunting task. I thought creating a fun tutorial with different looks would be an easy way to show you how to use such a palette. To show you that unique colors are easy to wear without screaming Mimi from The Drew Carey show.

Start with your usual base. As of late mine is as follows: Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich, Ilia Vivid Foundation & Concealer, Urban Decay’s Eye shadow Primer Potion and Glossier Boy Brow in Brown

Daytime One: Retro inspired eyes and lips

  1.  Start with a dense flat brush, or even an eyeshadow sponge if you don’t have a brush. Do a hefty dip into the color Celeste (pale blue) and apply that hefty dip from the base of your lash line up to your crease. Blend across your lid to make sure you get an opaque, even amount of color. I noticed that the color comes off sheer so don’t be afraid to layer.  I do this by patting in and then softly blending.
  2. Try not to extend above the crease line to create a soft shadow “liner” effective with the blue tone.
  3. For your lips, you can use either Coral or Tangerine. Coral is a bit more earthy and Tangerine a brighter orange. Choose based on how bold you’d like to go. Use a lip brush or like me use you finger. Slowly rub into your lips the color. If using your finger I suggest you start in the middle of your lip and work out. This creates less mess and easy to fill in the color to you lip line. Using you finger will also create less structure and more of stained look.
  4. Next use Tulipa a soft pale pink lip stick as blush on the apple of your cheeks and then pat it into your cheeks extending along your cheek bone.

Daytime Two: Soft blend eye with colorful lip

  1. Using whatever eyeshadow tool you have a brush or sponge though this works best with a brush, dip into Palermo (the soft yellow), from your lash line blend up and across. Extend into the corner of the eye and above your crease. You want to create a soft, blended look. To do that keep the most opaque part of the color at your lash line and blend up and out! Have fun with it and if you dare bring it even up to your brows.
  2.  In the above looks I have on my lips Tulipa and Coral. Tulipa keeps the color soft and pale while Coral brightens it all up. Finger or lip brush and blend in.
  3. Next use Tulipa on the apple of your cheeks and then pat it into your cheeks extending along your cheekbone.

Evening: Bare lid with strongly lined eye and deep red/orange lip

  1. Using a small angled brush, dip into Brick and line your lower lash line from inner corner to outer corner. Do both eyes using Brick first. Then dip into Earth and line along your water line from inner corner to outer. Then for more intensity, line Earth along your lower lash line to merge Brick and Earth together. Then take a q-tip and blend along your lower lash line. This softens the two colors together creating strongly lined eyes.
  2. You then with your angled brush can use Earth to line your upper lid. I only line about mid lid right at the lash line and thinly, to create more a cat eye look.
  3. Then for lips, using a lip brush or finger dipped heavy into Fire. Do not be afraid to keep layering this bold color! A lip brush is best to create more structure and even application for this bolder color.
  4. Next use Tulipa on the apple of your cheeks and then pat it into your cheeks extending along your cheekbone.

And Viola! Three easy looks. Don’t be afraid of a little color! x


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